Erik De Strooper

°Ghent, 1963
Painting adept since 1966.
Graduated from the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Applied Arts department) in Ghent in 1986.
Graphic artist and illustrator of technical, scientific and educational publications since 1990.
Theatre graphics designer.


My paintings depict a personal variant of history. They introduce the world of the boys' book and the pursuit of adventure. Old pictures and films, comics and sheer daydreaming, expressed in a fascinating language of shapes.

I draw my inspiration from the world of aviation and pilots, pioneers and daredevils, lighthouses and parachutes, submarines and capsules, hot air balloons and motorcycles...

I'm continuously fascinated by the aesthetics of utilitarian objects. It's all about the beauty of gear, sometimes as dark as war where every heroism is questionable. And in between lives man, sometimes lonely and hushed, but always in quest of what's beyond the horizon.

The paintings suggest a different reality, in which 'here and now' does not exist, but Tintin does. A reality which could have been.